From fierce tailoring to ultra-feminine separates, here’s where we’ll be finding our new season staples.

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia made history this month, as it held its first-ever edition of Arab Fashion Week.

Industry bigwigs, trendsetters and big-name labels jetted into Riyadh for the three-day event, well and truly putting the nation on the fashion map.

While the extravaganza welcomed plenty of regional and global designers, it got us mulling over some of our favourite style talent from the kingdom.

So, here, we’ve rounded up some of the Saudi labels worth adding to your virtual shopping baskets.

NASIBA HAFIZ: This label is set to breathe new life into your summer dressing, with playful midis, graphic shifts and featherlight tunics. Head-turning prints are the brand’s modus operandi, and its relaxed silhouettes make its pieces an easy choice for everyday.

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